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Windows Commands

There are 25 commands in this category. Windows commands allow a user to perform functions that are specific to the windows operating system that WinOne® is running on. Click on the commands name to display its syntax and any extra infomation related to the command.

ABOUT Displays the About window.
CAPTURE Turn the capturing of input and output for console programs on or off. Also allows the No Capture list to be manipulated.
CLIP Place a line of text into the clipboard.
CLIPDISP Display any text in the clipboard.
DDEEXEC Send an execute command to an application.
DDEPOKE Send data to an application.
DDEREQ Request data from an application.
DEVICES List all the devices available on a system.
DISPBOX Display the contents of a plain text file in a pop-up window.
DRAG Drag one or more files to another program.
EDITBOX Display a pop-up window containing an edit field.
EXTENSION, EXT Set filename associations for file extensions.
GROUP Insert program files into Start Menu or Program Manager groups.
MSGBOX Display a message in a pop-up window.
OPENBOX Display a file and directory selection pop-up window suitable for retrieving an existing file name.
POSTMSG Post a message to a window.
PRINT Print a text file via the Printer Manager.
SAVEBOX Display a file and directory selection pop-up window suitable for retrieving a file name that does not exist.
SENDKEYS Send a number of key strokes to the specified window.
SHELL Set the Windows default start up shell or program list.
TASKS Display a list of the current tasks or performs a specified action on a task.
VIEWICON Displays icons in .EXE, .DLL and .ICO files.
VOLUME Set or get the volume level for an audio device.
WALLPAPER Set or remove the Desktop Wallpaper.

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