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Status Bar

The system menu contains the Status Bar option, which when selected will display a sub-menu containing several options, as below :-

WinOne® System Menu

Displaying the Status Bar

The option Show will display the Status Bar, showing the current time, the amount of free bytes in the global memory heap, and a percent indicator, which displays how much of a command is done. When no command is executing the percent display is blank.

Status Bar

To move the Status Bar, simply position the mouse cursor inside the Status Bar window, hold down the left mouse button, then drag the white rectangle to its new position and release the left mouse button.

Not all the WinOneŽ Commands use the Percent indicator, For example, CLS does not.

Hiding the Status Bar

The option Hide removes the Status Bar :-

Hide Menu

Keeping the Status Bar in front

The option Keep in front will keep the Status Bar in front of all other Windows, even when the Status Bar is not active. This option is used to toggle this feature on and off. A tick mark will be placed next to the option text when it is on :-

Keep in Front


To either display or remove the Stopwatch simply click the right mouse button, while the mouse cursor is inside the Status Bar. Clicking the right mouse button twice, while the time is displayed, will automatically start the Stopwatch.


Pressing the SPACE key will either start or stop the Stopwatch and pressing the ESC key will reset the Stopwatch back to 0:00 00.

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