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Start Menu/Program Manager Programs

The system menu contains the Programs option, which when selected will display a sub-menu containing either the Start Menu folders or the Program Manager groups, as below :-

WinOne® System Menu

Using large or small icons

The option Small icons will display item icons half size. Similarly, the option Large icons will display item icons actual size :-

Small Icons

Running a program

Select the desired Start Menu folder or Program Manager group to display a new sub-menu containing all the program items in the folder or group. Simply select one of the items to run the respective program.

Run Program

Group Icons

The following Program Manager group icons are used for the respective operating systems :-

    Common Program Manager Groups Windows NT Common Program Manager groups.
    Personal Program Manager Groups Windows NT Personal Program Manager groups.
    Program Manager Groups Win322s Program Manager groups.
The following Start Menu folder icon is used in Windows XP :-
    Explorer Folders Explorer folders

    To manipulate Program Manager groups and programs, see the command GROUP.

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