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Standard Batch Commands

There are 10 batch commands in this category. Just about every command shell supports the standard dos batch commands below. Click on the commands name to display its syntax and any extra infomation related to the command.

CALL Run a second batch program, then returns to the first batch program.
ECHO Display a message or turns echo on or off.
ENDLOCAL End the localisation of environment variables.
FOR Perform a command for each file in the specified set of files or perform a command a given number of times.
GOTO Switch to another part of the batch program, and continue executing the program from that point.
IF Perform conditional processing in a batch program.
PAUSE Suspend processing of a batch program and displays a message.
REM Allows comments inside a batch file.
SETLOCAL Set the localisation of environment variables.
SHIFT Change the position of replaceable parameters in a batch program.

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