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Screen Size

The system menu contains the Attributes... option, as below :-

WinOne® System Menu

When selected will display the Attributes windows containing the Size tab, as below :-

Size Tab

The Size tab displays the screen width, height, the number of lines for the scroll back buffer and the Tray Icon option.

Screen Width and Height

Simply enter the desired width and/or height for the screen and press the OK button. The minimum allowable size for the screen is 60 characters across (width) by 5 lines down (height). The maximum screen size is dependent on the size of the desktop and the size of the fonts used to display text.

Alternatively, WinOne® also allows the screen to be resized by dragging any of the borders of the WinOne® window to the desired size. The drive bar also contains a size box, located at the right hand side of the drive bar, which can be dragged to resize the WinOne® window to the desized size.

Scroll Back Buffer

The scroll back buffer stores any lines of output that may scroll out of view. Simply enter the desired number of lines for the scroll back buffer and press the OK button. By default WinOne® stores 250 lines of output. The minimum scroll back buffer is 150 lines and the maximum is 2500 lines.

Tray Icon

When WinOne® is running on an operating system that includes Explorer, the main WinOne® window, along with the status bar, can be set to minimise to the system tray icon area instead of minimising to the task bar area. Simply select the Minimise to System Tray option to enable this feature.

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