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Function Keys

The system menu contains the Attributes... option, as below :-

WinOne® System Menu

When selected will display the Attributes window containing the Key tab, as below :-

Function Key Tab

The Key tab displays the text for the function keys F1 to F12 (excluding F10). The F10 function key is reserved by Windows and pressing the F10 function key will activate the system menu. Similarly, the F1 function key (no modifiers) is reserved by WinOneŽ for Context Sensitive Help. It's a great way of speeding up your productivity, as function keys can be tied to a wide variety of instructions that will complete small tasks.

Function Keys

The function keys can include any text string. When a function key is pressed the respective text string is inserted at the WinOneŽ prompt.


Allows the text for functions keys to be set for the respective modifier keys (ie. the Shift and Control keys).

Appending a Carriage Return

To append a carriage return character to the end of the text string associated with a function key simply select the small check box next to the respective function key edit field. When a tick is displayed, then the carriage return character will be appended to the end of the text string, otherwise when no tick is displayed then no carriage return character is appended to the end of the text string.

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