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Extra Commands

There are 26 commands in this category. These extra commands perform significant functions that are lacking in plain dos. Click on the commands name to display its syntax and any extra infomation related to the command.

ACS Display the full ASCII Character Set or return the character for the specified value.
ARCH Displays files inside most popular archive formats, including ZIP, LZH, ARJ, ARC formats.
CDD Changes the current directory and disk.
DELBUT Deletes all files except the files specified.
DESCRIBE Add, modify or delete a file or directory description of up to 128 characters.
DISK Display bytes used for all sub-directories (including nested sub-directories), of the specified directory.
DOS Shell to DOS or change the behaviour of all text mode windows.
DUMP Displays the contents of any file.
FIND Search for a text string in the specified files.
FINDREG Search the System Registry for a string.
GO Changes the current directory to another sub-directory.
HISTORY, HIS Displays the history buffer, which consists of commands entered at the WinOne® prompt.
LET Evaluate an expression and set the specified environment variable with the result.
MACRO Provides command line macro's.
MORE Page the output of a command.
MOVE Moves one or more files to another location.
PAGE Turn automatic paging of output on or off.
REPLACE Search and replace a text string in the specified files.
SCOPY Safely copies one or more files to another location.
SMOVE Safely moves one or more files to another location.
START Start a program and return the WinOne® prompt immediately.
TIPS Turn the displaying of a tip when WinOne® starts on or off.
TRACE Provide debugging support for batch programs.
WHERE Locates one or more files.
WHICH Displays the full path of a program.
XSET Display, set or remove persistent environment variables.

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