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External Commands

There are 15 commands in this category. External commands are wriiten using the WOIO SDK. They are actual programs that are written to use WinOne® for their input and output. Click on the commands name to display its syntax and any extra infomation related to the command.

DOS2UNIX Convert DOS text files to Unix text files.
DUPLICAT Locate all duplicate files on the specified drive(s).
FUNC Call a Win32 API function at run time.
GOTHIC Display small horizontal Gothic style characters.
LOGO Change the Windows startup logo.
MERGE Merge two files together.
SBANNER Display small horizontal characters.
SPLIT Split a file into two files.
TOUCH Touch the date and time for a file(s).
UNCOMP Uncompress a UNIX compressed file (ie. .Z file).
UNIX2DOS Convert Unix text files to DOS text files.
UNTAR Untar a UNIX tape archive (ie. .TAR file).
UNZIP Extract files contained in a .ZIP archive.
UUDECODE Convert a uuencode text file back to a binary file.
UUENCODE Convert a binary file to a text file.

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