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Event Sounds

The system menu contains the Attributes... option, as below :-

WinOne® System Menu

When selected will display the Attributes window containing the Sound tab, as below :-

Sound Tab

The Sound tab displays the Event drop down list and a group of all the different sounds that can be selected for an event.

The Event drop down list contains all the events that can be associated to a particular type of sound and includes :-

There are a number of sounds that can be associated to any of the above events, as follows :-

    1. Play a WAV sound file.
    2. Emit a tone.
    3. Emit a system beep.
    4. Flash window.
    5. No sound.
When associating the Play a WAV sound file option to a particular event a window will be displayed in which a wave sound file may be chosen. Generally, a wave sound file has a file extension of .WAV. There are a number of wave sounds files that are included with Windows and these are located in the Windows directory. When no sound board is installed, then playing a wave sound file will result in no sound being played or heard.

Setting Sound Events

Simply select the desired event from the Event drop down list and select the sound to associate to the event. Continue this process until all the desired events have been set and then press the OK button to accept the changes.

Enabling the system sound

Enabling or disabling the system sound only affects the Emit a system beep option. When the system sound is disabled then no sound will be played or heard for the system beep. The system beep is used by Windows as a audio warning signal and is generally sounded when a message window is displayed. When the system sound is enabled then a small tick mark will appear net the option text, similarly, when the system sound is disabled then no tick mark is displayed next to the option text. Changes to the system sound are reflected system wide.

The Test button

Press the Test button to listen to a sample of the actual sound that will be heard when the event occurs.

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