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Drive Bar

The system menu contains the Drives option, which when selected will display a sub-menu containing several options, as below :-

WinOne® System Menu

Displaying the Drive Bar

The option Show will display the drive bar at the bottom of the WinOne® window, showing all the known disk drives.

Drive Bar

The following images are displayed on the drive bar to indicate the type of disk drive :-

    Removeable Drive Removable or Floppy drive
    Hard Drive Non-removable or Hard drive
    CD-ROM Drive CD-ROM drive
    Network Drive Network drive
To change drives, simply position the mouse cursor over the desired disk drive, and press the left mouse button. A black rectangle is then drawn around the newly selected disk drive. Similarly, position the mouse cursor over the desired disk drive and press the right mouse button to display a pop-up window which contains a list of the directories for the selected disk drive, as below :-

Pop-up Directory Menu

Simply double click the left mouse button on a directory to change into that directory. Folder is displayed for the currently selected directory. Continue this process until the desired directory is found and then press the left mouse button any where inside the main WinOne® window to return to the WinOne® prompt.

Also, pressing the left mouse button, anywhere on the drive bar background, is equivalent to pressing the enter key at the WinOne® prompt. Similarly, pressing the right or middle buttons, anywhere on the drive bar background, is equivalent to typing DIR, at the WinOne® prompt.

Hiding the Drive Bar

The option Hide will remove the drive bar from the bottom of the WinOne® window.

Hide Drive

Refreshing the Drive Bar

Update the drive bar, by re-sampling the disk drives. Changes to network disk drives, either adding or removing them, after WinOne® has started, will not be automatically reflected by the drive bar. The drive bar needs to be updated manually, using the Refresh option.

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