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Custom Colours and Colour Schemes

The system menu contains the Attributes... option, as below :-

WinOne® System Menu

When selected will display the Attributes window containing the Colour tab, as below :-

Colour Tab

The Colour tab displays the Text drop down list, which contains all the customisable attributes, the colour palette, the predefined colour schemes drop down list and the Status Bar Colour schemes.

Changing Colours

The Text drop down list contains all the attributes for which the colours can be set and include :-

    File or path names
    Highlighted file or path names
    Plain text
    Highlighted text
    Bold text
    Environment names
    Environment strings
    Error messages
    Left hand side of equal sign
    Highlighted left hand side of equal sign
    Right hand side of equal sign
    File dates
    File times
    File attributes
    File descriptions
Simply select the attribute to change, then select the colour to associate with the attribute. Continue this process until all the desired colours have been set. Then press the OK button to accept the new colours. WinOneŽ will automatically save the new colours and all output from all WinOneŽ commands will then use these colours.

Colour Schemes

The Scheme drop down list contains a number of predefined colour schemes, as follows :-

    Black on White
    Cloudy Day
    Emerald Forest
    Grey on Black
    Sun Set
    White on Black
Simply select the desired colour scheme and press the OK button to accept the new colour scheme.

Colour Editor

When the screen is capable of displaying 256 colours or more then the Red, Green and Blue values for the default 16 colours used by WinOneŽ may be individually set.

From the Colour window simply position the mouse pointer over the colour in the Palette to edit and while holding down the Control key press the left mouse button. This will display the Colour Editor window for the respective colour, as follows :-

Colour Editor

Simply set the desired Red, Green or Blue colour values and press the OK button to accept the changes. To reset the colour to the default system colour press the Default key.

Status Bar Colours

The options White, Yellow, Red, Green and Blue set the colours used for the Status Bar display and digits. The following colours are available :-

    White  White background with black digits.
    Yellow  Yellow background with black digits.
    Red  Red digits on a black background.
    Green  Green digits on a black background.
    Blue  Blue digits on a black background.

Status Bar Digit Highlighting

The option Digit Highlight will enable the Status Bar digits to be highlighted. When digit highlighting is off the digits in the Status Bar will be drawn as follows :-

Status Bar

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