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Command Line Edit Keys

The following list contains keys strokes that perform various cursor motions or actions, that can be used at the WinOne® prompt to edit or modify a command line :-

Key Function
left arrow Move one character left.
right arrow Move one character right.
up arrow Display the previous command line.
down arrow Display the next command line.
ctrl up arrow Display the oldest command line.
ctrl down arrow Display the most recent command line.
ctrl left arrow Move one word left.
ctrl right arrow Move one word right.
del Delete one character forward.
backspace Delete one character backward.
home Move to beginning of line.
end Move to end of line.
page up Scroll up a page.
page down Scroll down a page.
ctrl page up Scroll up a line.
ctrl page down Scroll down a line.
escape Clear the command line.
shift escape Switch to and from the pop-up history list.
insert Toggle insert or overwrite mode.
ctrl insert Copy to clipboard.
shift insert Paste from clipboard.
tab Expand an incomplete path, file, command or macro name that is currently being typed at the WinOne® prompt.
ctrl tab Display a list of names that can complete the current incomplete path, file, command or macro, that is being typed at the WinOne® prompt.


  • Insert mode always defaults to on, when WinOne® is started.
  • A flashing vertical bar is displayed, when insert mode is on and a flashing block is displayed when overwrite mode is on.
  • When the up or down arrow keys are used to scroll through the history list, and a partial command line has been entered at the WinOne® prompt, then only the command lines in the history list that start with the same sequence of characters will be displayed.
  • When scrolling through the history list and there are no more commands to scroll through, then a beep will sound to signal that the end of the history list has been reached. See Event Sounds to associate a particular type of sound to this event.
  • See File Name Completion for more information on setting Tab key options.

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