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Set filename associations for file extensions.
EXTENSION [extension=association]
EXT [extension=association]


EXTENSION [/D extension]
EXT [/D extension]

extensionSpecifies the filename extension.
associationSpecifies the program name and parameters.
/DDelete an extension.
  • Do NOT include a dot in the parameter extension.
  • Type EXT without any parameters to display a list of all existing associations.
  • When an association is established for a file extension, then file names (which MUST including the extension) can be entered at the prompt without the need to specify the program name.
  • Multiple file extension associations are created and deleted in the same way as single file extension associations. When a single association already exists then WinOne® will prompt the user with the message Multiple XXX extension (Y/N)?, in which case typing 'Y' will append the association, or typing 'N' will over write the existing association. Also when deleting Multiple associations, WinOne® will confirm each association before deleting it.
  • File extension associations are saved as they are created.
  • Also see File Extension Association.
  • Examples on using EXTENSION.

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