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Command DEL, ERASE


Deletes one or more files.
DEL [drive:][path]filename [/P] [/S] [/F] [/Y] [/Q]
ERASE [drive:][path]filename [/P] [/S] [/F] [/Y] [/Q]
[drive:][path]filenameSpecifies the file(s) to delete.
/PPrompts for confirmation before deleting each file.
/SProcess sub-directories.
/FForce deleting of read-only files.
/Q or /YQuite mode or assume YES for all questions. Questions are not displayed.
  • When the /S switch and either *.* or a directory name is specified for parameter filename, then command DEL will also remove all the directories, including sub-directories, after deleting all the files, otherwise only the specified file or files are deleted and there is no attempt made to remove any directories or sub-directories.
  • Also see command DELBUT.

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