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ANSI Graphics Control Sequences

ANSI Control sequences are combinations of characters that can be used to control the cursor, screen and keyboard. The following ANSI Control sequences are supported by WinOne® :-
Cursor Movement
ESC[H Home cursor.
ESC[<a>;<b>H Move cursor to <a>, <b>.
ESC[<a>;<b>f Same as for ESC[<a>;<b>H
ESC[<a>A Move cursor up spaces.
ESC[<a>B Move cursor down <a> spaces.
ESC[<a>C Move cursor right <a> spaces.
ESC[<a>D Move cursor left <a> spaces.
ESC[s Save cursor position.
ESC[u Restore cursor position.

Screen Control
ESC[2J Clear screen.
ESC[K Erase to end of line.
ESC[<n>;...;<n>m Activate given attributes, where each <n> is :-
0 to 8 Sequence is Ignored.
3x Fixed Foreground colour x.
4x Fixed Background colour x.

where x is :-

0 Black
1 Red
2 Green
3 Yellow
4 Blue
5 Magenta
6 Cyan
7 White

5x System Foreground colour x.
6x System Background colour x.

where x is :-

0 Background
1 Error message
2 Path and file name
3 Number
4 File Attribute
5 File Date
6 Bold Text
7 Text

ESC[=<n>h NOT Supported
ESC[=<n>l NOT Supported

Keyboard Control
ESC[<ns>...;<ns>p NOT Supported
  • ANSI Control sequences can be entered via the PROMPT command, or by displaying a file that already contains the codes, using the TYPE command.
  • ANSI Control sequences can NOT be entered at the command line prompt.
  • The system foregound and background colours that are displayed depend on the Custom Colours and Colour Schemes set by the user.

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